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February 3, 2017
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COMOCO Sacco Society Ltd was started in June 1977 by employees of C.M.C Motors Ltd. And to date, it is 39 years of age. The Sacco has grown over the years with the following companies coming on board on check off Car and General Ltd, Rosewood office systems Tononoka Steel Ltd, Bavaria Auto Ltd, Corporate Insurance Ltd, Stantech Motors Ltd, CMC Aviation, KIRDI, Pipe Manufac hirers Ltd, Automotive Solutions Ltd. Badges Ltd, Armaco Ltd, Skynet Ltd, SMEC International Ltd, Aquimist Ltd. Chemigas Ltd. Dalex Ltd, Imperial Bank Ltd, Relanko Ltd, Avis Ltd Space & Style Ltd, Roy Transmotors Ltd Choda Ltd Savuka Tours Ltd Odd Mac Ltd amongst others. Comoco Sacco has three departments namely: BOSO, FOSO and Micro Saver.


COMOCO has branches in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kitale, Nanyuki, Meru, Thika and lastly HomabaySateliteoffices are in Kakamega, Kapsabet, MigoriSori and one will be opened at Oyugis

SACCO Clientele

The membership and customers as at July 2016 totals to 12698 and has saving deposits of Kshs. 447,115,736.00. COMOCO has as at 31st July 2016 disbursed loans amounting to Kshs. 661,094,123.00.

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